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2024.04.19-21, Kazan. International competition "Accordion Extravaganza"

2024.04.11, Moscow State Institute of Culture. I Open Music and Educational Forum

2024.03.29, Sergey Andriyaka Academy of Watercolor and Fine Arts. A concert  "Solntsegrad invites friends" Orchestra of the Fyodor Chaliapin Children's Music School

March 20-26, Kemerovo. Creative school of accordion performing arts "Vivat, accordion! Reboot", with the support of the PFKI. On the basis of the Children's Art School No. 4. 93 participants from 16 settlements of Kuzbass and Tomsk

2024.02.24, Gallery Art if Shilov. Concert "Romantic journey". Link on descrptionLink on live stream

2024.02.19-21 Syktyvkar. Master classes and a concert within the framework of the Creative School of the Music Gnesin Academy 

2024.02.09, Nerechta. The concert "With friends"

2024.02.01-02, International Music School Gnesin Academy

The OBLIGATO musikkforlag publishing house
in Norway has published the works of Olga Chistokhina: French suite and Elegiac Poem

2023.12.13-17 International festival "Bayan & Bayanisty"

2023.12.5-6, Arzamas Music College. Master class and concert

2023.12.2-3, Glazow. All-Russian competition "Children XXI century"

2023.11.29, Ryazan, Yuri Kholopov Children's Art School No. 7. VII interregional scientific and practical conference". Master classes

2023.11.19, Kaluga Taneyev Music College. Master classes and a concert with students

2023.11.16, Moscow. Moscow Autumn Festival. Performance of the Suite "Solar Wind" by Irina Dubkova for accordion

2023.11.10, Moscow. The benefit of the accordion. Link to the live broadcastLinks to Cultural News from 2023.11.11

2023.11.05, Moscow. 75 years of the Faculty of Folk Instruments Gnesin Music Academy. Link to the live broadcast

2023.10.31, Moscow. Master classes within the framework of the Creative Contest "20 million of us". Link to the contest website

2023.10.30, Moscow. Advanced training courses. Link to description

2023.10.24, House of peoples of Russia. Concert "Musical Snuff-box"

2023.10.18-20, Archangelsk. IV festival-competiton "The future of Pomoriya". TV report

2023.10.16, Class Concert "The spindle", Small Hall Gnesin Music Academy

2023.10.09 Moscow. Concert class and master class in Shalyapin Children Music School.

2023.09.25 was published Chrestomathy "Piano and symphonic music arranged for accordion"

2023.09.19 Moscow. Academic Music School at the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. Advanced training courses for teachers of secondary schools and colleges. 68 participants from 19 regions of the country. Link to the project page

2023.06.24-07.04, Suzdal. Creative school "New names"

2023.06.13-16 Moscow. Advanced training courses "Friedrich Lips Bayan (Accordion) School"

2023.05.27 Smolensk. Concert 'Voices of Russia"  Link to the description of the concert

2023.04.28-29 Tambov - Ivanovka. Concert within the framework of the Creative School of Music Gnesin Academy.       

2023.04.24 Archangelsk. Concert and master classes within the framework of the Creative School of Music Gnesin Academy.                                              Links on TV show "Good morning, Pomorie"

Links to the story about the master classes

2023.04.14-16 Kazan. International competition-festival "Feerie of Accordion"

2023.04.01 Moscow. The concert "A HOLIDAY FOR EVERYONE" at the Alexander Shilov Gallery.

Link to the live broadcast                                    Link to the description of the concert                  Link to tickets

With the support of:                                              - Friedrich Lips Charitable Foundation                      - Tula Accordion Factory                                    - Real Estate Agency "Floors Kaluga"

2023.03.21, Tver. Advanced training courses

2023.03.20, Moscow. Advanced training courses. Link to the website of the methodical cabinet of Moscow

2023.03.18. Master classes as part of the selection for the scholarship of the Charity Foundation "New Names" in Moscow

2023.03.02. Master classes as part of the selection for the scholarship of the Charity Foundation "New Names" in Perm. Detailed information

2023.03.01. Publishing CD 12 "Solar Wind". Audioalbum included works by Clementi, Saint Saens, Alyabyev, Glazunov, Krivitsky, Podgaits, Dubkova, Shmotova. Content                            Apple Music      Youtube       Spotify


2023.02.21. The VII All-Russian Festival of Nikolai Chaikin "Bayan and accordion in Nizhny Novgorod" Links to the brodcast
Links to the concert page                                  Link to the article about the festival

2023.02.10, Children Art school #1, Ramenskoe. Master class and concert

2023.02.6-7, Vasily Surikov Children's Art School, Lipetsk. Advanced training courses for teachers of the Lipetsk region

2023.02.03. Master class and concert at the Children's Art School in the city of Kohma.           Links to the school's website                       Kohomsky vestnik

2022.12.17. International festival "Bayan & Baynists", Gnesin Hall. Moscow

Links to the broadcast

2022.12.8-10, Yaroslavl. Chairman of the jury of the X All-Russian competition "Play, my accordion".

Links to the competition page

2022.12.06. Concert Bayan orchestra of the Gnesin Music Academy. Gnesin Hall. Moscow

Links to the broadcast

2022.12.1-3, Severodvinsk. Chairman of the jury of the III regional competition of folk song, instrumental music and artistic creativity "Pomorskoe byvanie"

2022.11.29. Awarding of methodological services that have become laureates of the II ALL-RUSSIAN COMPETITION of REGIONAL METHODOLOGICAL SERVICES.
The congratulations from the Gnessin Music House are also attended by students of the Music School of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music
Snezhana, Steshana and Milana Kolmogortseva, class of Semion Vladimirovich Shmelkov.

Link to the broadcast

Link to the performing

2022.11.25. Interview with the "Omsk Here" news agency. link to the website

2022.11.12-20. A competitive selection of candidates from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug for a scholarship of the New Names Charitable Foundation took place online.

2022.11.17-18. Master classes in preparation for the Governor's Cup, Omsk

2022.11.12-13 Regional competition of performers on russian folk instruments, Taneyev Kaluga Music College


2022.11.10. The Great Hall of the House of Composers, Moscow. A concert within the framework of the Moscow Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music. Concert program included a Concert for accordion and Chamber Orchestra by Tatiana Sergeeva (2019). Dedicated to Friedrich Lips

2022.10.17. Class concert "IMPLEXUS", Small hall Music Gnesin Academy, Moscow

2022.10.11 Master class and class concert at the Children's Art School №10, Moscow

2022.09.29. Master class and class concert at the Fyodor Chaliapin Children's Music School, Moscow

2022.09.22-23. Audition and master class for a scholarship of the Charity Foundation "New Names", Belgorod

2022.09.16. Gnesin Music Academy. Master classes within the framework of the performing competition for the youth of the Tver region "20 million of us"

2022.07.11-23.Jubilee XXX International summer creative school "New Names", Suzdal

2022.06.14-17. Moscow. Advanced training courses were held at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music within the framework of the National Project "Culture" on the theme "Outstanding musicians-teachers of the Gnessin School: Friedrich Lips bayan School"
The courses gathered more than 170 students from all over the country

2022.04.26-27, Kurgan. I All-Russian competition of performers on folk instruments

"Cup of the Trans-Urals"

2022.04.23. Moscow. Alexander Shilov Art Gallery. Concert with the chamber orchestra of the Ivanovo Philharmonic "First meeting". Chief Conductor - Dmitry Shchudrov.

With the support of the Factory "Tulskaya Harmon" and Friedrich Lips Charitable Foundation!

Link to the broadcast

Link to the tickets

2022.04.20, Bryansk. Master class within the framework of advanced training courses under the program "Instrumental performance" Bryansk Regional Educational and Methodological Center of Culture and Art

2022.04.15, Moscow. The report concert of the sector of pedagogical practice of the Russian Music Gnesin Academy dedicated to the cycle "Beads" by Alexander Grechaninov

2022.04.07. Meeting was held with students of the Ivanovo Music College

2022.04.07, Ivanovo. Concert with the chamber orchestra of the Ivanovo Philharmonic "First meeting". Chief Conductor - Dmitry Shchudrov. Arrangement music by C.P.E. Bach, P.I. TchayKovsky, C. Saint-Saens, V. Bibergan, E. Podgaits and original works by M. Bronner, T. Sergeeva, O. Chistokhina.

Link to information about the concert on the Philharmonic Society page

Link to the broadcast

2022.03.26-27, Kaluga. Open festival-competition of folk instruments "Accordion sounds", dedicated to the All-Russian Day of accordion, accordion and harmonica.

2022.03.23-24. Online advanced training courses for teachers of music schools of the Penza region

2022.03.22, Tver. The Tver Music College named after Modest Mussorgsky held master classes with young performers as part of advanced training courses

2022.03.12, Moscow. Concert of students of the Music School of the Music School of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music as part of the III All-Russian festival "Purple Thrush"

2022.03.04, Small Hall of the Gnessin Academy of Music.  Class concert dedicated to the 270th anniversary of the birth of Muzio Clementi

2022.24-27. Baikal International Art Festival "Vivat, talent", Irkutsk.

Website of competition

The jury of the nomination folk instruments

2022.02.17, Vladimir. Scientific and practical conference. Vladimir Regional Music College of Borodin

2022.02.7-11. Music lecture hall. A series of online lectures. Directorate of Educational Programs.

Link to registration

2022.02.08-09, Lipetsk. Advanced training courses for teachers of the music school of the Lipetsk region

2022.0201-06. Music Gnesin Academy. shooting of the YouTube show "Battle on bellows"

2022.01.17 and 2022.01.22. The Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. Concert in memory of composer Roman Ledenyov. His accordion compositions and his  students will be performed.

More information about concert 2022.01.17

More information about concert 20211.01.22


2022.01.15. Rachmaninoff Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. Premiere of the suite for accordion "Solar Wind" by Irina Dubkova.

More information about concert

2021.12.26. Saint Petersburg. 

36th International Festival of Music for Accordion and Accordion.

Link of site the festival 

Link broadcast of the concert

2021.12.16-19.  33rd International Festival "Bayan and Bayanists". Concert hall Gnessin Academy, Moscow.

Live broadcast of the concert

2021.12.16. Kurgan (Russia). Concert within the framework of the festival "Students of the Gnesin Academy". 

2021.11.26. Moscow. The report concert of the pedagogical practice sector of the Bayan and Accordion Department of the Gnesin Academy.


 2021.11.25. Concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla. Concert hall Gnessin Academy, Moscow.

Recording a concert

Piano and symphonic music arranged for accordion

Link on LitRes

A. GLAZUNOV  The Seasons. Winter. Op. 67

Variation II. Ice, Variation III. Hail 

Variation IV. Snow, Winter is leaving 

A. ALYABIEV – F. LISZT  Nightingale. S. 250/1

E. PODGAITS  Roulette. Op. 211 

A. SOLER  Fandango. R. 146


Toccata. Oр. 72 No 3     

Bacchanale from opera “Samson and Dalila”. Oр. 47

F. SCHUBERT – C. TAUSIG  Military March. Op. 51 No 1

R. SHCHEDRIN  Naughty Limericks


The music collection "Romance and Modernity". Publishing house "Space-2000". The anthology is addressed to students of secondary schools, universities and concert performers. 

 Link on LitRes

Zelensky A., Suite "About Love"

Yukechev Y., Dialog

Chistokhina O., Elegiac Poem

Galiev R., Suite "Watercolors in tones"

Weinberg M., Aria. Op. 9

Sabitov N., Folk-tune No 4

Bach J.S. - Kempf W., Siciliano, BWV 1031

Villa Lobos H., Aria from Bachianas Brazilieras No 5. W 391, O Polichinelo from Suite No 1 "A prole de bebe". W140 No 7

Grieg E., Norvegian Dance. Op. 35 No 2

Liszt F., Etude. S. 136/ Op.1 No 2, Russian Galop. S.478

Schumann R., - Tausig C., The Smuggler. Op. 10 No 74

ARRANGEMENTS of chamber and symphonic music for BAYAN (CHRESTOMATHY).

Link on LitRes

Maykapar S., Toccatina. Op.8 No 1

Liszt F., Etude No 2. Op. 1

Kabalevsky D., Drummer, Gallop

Rimsky-Korsakov N. - Rachmaninov S., Flight of the Bumblebee

Arensky A., Cuckoo, Crane. Op.34

Schubert F. - Wilhelm A., The Bee. Op. 13 No 9

Czerny C., variations on famous vienesse waltz. Op. 12

Saint Saens C., Dance macabre. Op. 40

Dargomyzhsky A., Kazachok

"On stage - young bayanists and accordionists". Includes original works and arrangements for students of Music Schools.

Link on LitRes 

Bechin Y., Children Album

Zelensky A., Seven pieces, Five pieces, Three pieces

Chistokhina O., Four pieces

Gnesina E., Return with a walk

Grechaninov A., On a Bicycle, The Harmonica

Maykapar S., In the Smithy

Tchaikovsky P.I., Russian Dance

Moszkowski M., Spanish Dance No 1
Kabalevsky D., Variation om a theme Ukrainian folk song

Popp W., Russian Gypsy Song

Schubert F., Military March, Graz Galop