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2021.07.20 published CD 11 "O Polichinelo". The album includes works by Sens Sans, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Arensky, Villa Lobos, Chaikin, Zhurbin, Podgaits, Bronner

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2021.10.28-29 Advanced training courses for music school teachers. The organizer is the Directorate of Educational Programs of Moscow.

Information about courses

2021.09.30 at 18.30 Concert "The Game of classics". Fyodor Chaliapin Children's Music School

2021.08.29-31 Summer international school
«The Gnesin Academy Summer School». 

Link to detailed information

24.08 at 11.00 Moscow time. Open lesson within the framework of "The 4th Bao'an Shenzhen International Accordion Festival".
The students of the RAM IM participate in the open lesson - Milan, Snezhana and Steshana Kolmogortsev's
Link to the open lesson

Link to information about the festival

2021.06.26 the article was published in the magazine "Music Academy", issue # 2 │ 2021 (774) "...against the background of the Russian landscape " by Roman Ledenev: features of the compositional structure". Author Semion Shmelkov

Link to detailed information about the article on the journal's website

2021.20.06-01.07 Creative school of the Charity Foundation "New Names" in Suzdal.

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2021.06.16-17. X Competition-festival of Art Mikhail Werner in Kemerovo.

Link on competition page

Link on news portal

2021.06.07-10. Moscow. Advanced training courses within the framework of the National Project "Culture" on the topic: "Outstanding musicians-teachers of the Gnessin School: Friedrich Lips 'Bayan School". Online.

Link to the page with information about courses at the Russian Music Gnessin Academy

2021.06.06. Rachmaninoff Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. At the concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Alexey Nikolaev.

Concerto for accordion and string orchestra in the version with piano by Tatyana Pavlovna Sergeeva. 

Link to information about concert

2021.06.03.Moscow. Advanced training courses were held for teachers of music schools in the Moscow region.

2021.05.21. Moscow. Concert students  in the House of Alexey Losev. Link to information about the event.

2021.05.18. Saratov. All-Russian scientific readings dedicated to the work of Ivan Panitsky.

Link to livestream

2021.05.17. Moscow. Cathedral Chamber. With two legendary choirs: the A. A. Yurlov Academic Choir Chapel and the A. V. Sveshnikov State Academic Choir. The director is the People's Artist of Russia Gennady Dmitryak. They performed Lake Water and the Beard by G. Sviridov.

2021.05.11. Moscow. Concert of author's music by a 3rd grade student of the Gnesin Music Academy of Sergei Danilkevich.

2021.04.25. Lipetsk. Selection for the scholarship of the Charity Foundation "New Names"

2021.04.23 Moscow. Creative meeting with teachers of children's music schools "Yunost'"

2021.04.17. Concert "Fairy-tale stories" in the Alexander Shilov gallery. Link on Livestream.

Link to the Gallery's website. Link to online ticket sales.

2021.04.10 Kaluga. Creative meeting with teachers of children's music schools

2021.04.09. Reporting event of the sector of pedagogical practice of the Department of bayan and accordion. Link on video (Vkontakte), (Facebook)

2021.03.26. Syktyvkar. National Gallery. Concert in the framework of the interregional competition Perepelitsa "YOUNG TALENTS". Contest page.

2021.03.24.  Moscow. The first pedagogical forum.Topic: formation of musical and performing competencies in the general education environment. Link to the registration. Link on livestream

2021.03.17. Oryol. Philharmonic Hall on the All-Russian Day of bayan, accordion and harmonica. Link to the Philharmonic Society website

2021.03.14. Izhevsk. Master classes within the framework of the Marathon "In the homeland of Tchaikovsky" from the New Names Foundation.

Link on live stream

2021.03.05. Concert students class of Semion Shmelkov

2021.02.15. The music collection "Romance and Modernity" was published. Publishing house "Space-2000". The anthology is addressed to students of secondary schools, universities and concert performers. Published in collaboration with the Tula Accordion factory. Original compositions for bayan and accordion by Andrey Zelensky, Yuri Yukechev, Roman Galiev, Olga Chistokhina, as well as arrangements for bayan and accordion by Nariman Sabitov, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Johann Sebastian Bach - Wilhelm Kempf, Edvard Grieg, Enrique Villa-Lobos, Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann - Karl Tausig are presented.

2021.02.17-18. Advanced training courses for teachers of the Lipetsk region were held.

2021.02.01 . All-Russian competition of children's and youth creativity "Children of the XXI century",  online.

Link to the competition regulations

2021.01.17. Master class in the framework of the National Accordion Fair for Primary and Middle School Students  in Shenzhen (China) "Yangtai  Mountain Cup". Link to the competition website 

2020.12.31. Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow Conservatory. New Year's concert of the SYRINX quartet. There will be a Melancholic and Humorous story for four flutes and accordion by Olga Chistokhina. Link on video

2020.12.17 International Festival "Bayan and Bayansity". Gnesin Music Academy. Link on video

2020.11.29-12.12 online master classes were held as part of the XXVIII international creative school "New names".

2020.12.11. Students of Music school Music Academy Gnesin family trio "ACCORD" of sister Kolmogortsev's took part in the award ceremony for the winners of all-Russian competitions among children's art schools and teachers.Link to the stream

2020.12.04. Live show with president of CMA Frederic Deschamps. Link on video

2020.12.04. Music Academy Gnesin. Concert-lecture dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Roman Ledenyov. Link on video

2020.11.26-28. Kemerovo. M.M. Werner's All-Siberian interregional festival and art competition. Link of competition

2020.11.15-29. International competition 70th "Trophy Mondial". Delegate and jury member. Site of competition

2020.11.21. Video lecture will be held within the framework of the project "University Saturdays" on the topic "Formation of professional skills of an accordion player".  Link on video

2020.11.20 "First steps of bayanist". The report concert of the pedagogical practice sector of the Bayan and accordion Department of Gnesin Music Academy. Link on video

2020.11.06.  Lecture in the framework of advanced training courses from the Foundation "Assistance and consent" for teachers of Severodvinsk, Salekhard, Yakutsk, Moscow on the topic "Implementation of educational programs in music schools using e-learning and distance learning technologies in the Bayan and accordion class"

2020.11.06 Small hall of Gnesin Music Academy. The Concert "Walking". Live Stream on YouTube

2020.11.1-13. Advanced training courses in online format. Lecturers: Selivanov, Yankina, Shmelkov, Krylova, Sugak.

The link to the website of the methodology center of Moscow


2020.10.27-11.02 in Suzdal was held Creative school of the New names Charity Foundation

2020.10.31. The lecture is devoted to a video review of two score collections: "On stage - young bayanists and accordionists" and "Arrangement of chamber-instrumental and symphonic music for Bayan and accordion".
The presentation of original compositions will be attended by composers - Andrey Zelensky, Yuri Bechin and Olga Chistokhina.
In the illustration of works for young performers will take part in Milana, Snezhana and Steshana Kolmogortseva. Record of lecture

2020.10.21-22 Advanced training courses for teachers of music schools in Saint-Petersburg

2020.09.22-25. Gnesin Music Academy. Advanced training courses "Friedrich Lips Bayan school" within the framework of the national project "Culture". "Creative people"

2020.08.31-09.04 Advanced training courses for teachers of music schools in Voronezh

2020.06.6-19 Online meetings with fellows of the "New Names Charity Foundation"

2020.06.13 at 18.00 Moscow time in the house of Losev video concert of the class of Semion Shmelkov. Link

From 2020.06.04 now all three of my works are placed on LitRes.
1. Arrangements of chamber-instrumental and symphonic music for Bayan
2. On stage – young bayanists and accordionists
3. Formation of a young accordion player (to help teachers of Children's music schools and Secondary schools). Link

2020.06.02 advanced training courses online for teachers of Children's music schools in Nizhny Novgorod.

Published 10 CD "Strawberry Heart"! Performers: Elena Zabavskaya (mandolin), Olga Grudinina (soprano), John Lapin (cello), Olga Chistokhina (piano).

Composers: E. Villa-Lobos, D. Kabalevsky, D. Shostakovich, M. Weinberg, A. Vivaldi, M. Gagnidze, O. Chistokhina, S. Gubaidulina, F. Shubert – K. Tausig.

Sound Engineers: Leonid Tuhtashev (1-4, 8-11, 15,16), Zinaida Belyaev (5-7), Roman Ersahin, Constantine Kostryukov (9-14).

Design of cover by Vladimir Lizunov. Link

2020.04.14. Report video concert of the sector of pedagogical practice of the Department of Bayan and accordion of the Gnessin Russian Academy of music dedicated to the work of Nikolai Chaikin. Link

14 March, Kaluga. The competition "Sounds of the accordion", master classes and a concert.

12 March,  Izhevsk. Master classes in the framework of the IV art marathon " In the homeland of Tchaikovsky"

March 4. Concert in the Chamber hall of the Moscow Philharmonic. Link

27 February - 1 March, Barnaul. "Friedrich Lips Bayan school". Link

18-20 February. Advanced training courses for music school teachers and Concert in the Great hall of the Petrozavodsk Conservatory. The concert is attended by: Olga Chistokhina (piano), Pavel Popov (oboe), Olga Grudinina (soprano), Joahn Lapin (cello). Link 1. Link 2

27 January was published the textbook "the Formation of a young accordionist (to assist teachers of music school, Colleges)


14 February. X Bryansk regional competition of young performers on folk instruments, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. Link

26 January. lll Interzonal open competition for solo performance on folk instruments "suburban evenings", children's art school of Dolgoprudny, Moscow region

CD 09 "Flowers" was released. The CD includes works by Lyadov, Grechaninov, Shostakovich, Gubaidulina, Podgaits, Bechin, Zelensky, Chistokhina. Link

Semion Shmelkov was born in the family of professional musicians. He began to study playing the accordion in class of V. Shmelkov. Semion finished music school-lyceum at Novosibirsk State Conservatory Glinka in class of Professor A. Krupin, Russian Academy Gnesin of music and postgraduate study in class of People's Artist of Russian Federation, Professor F. Lips, , academic advisor – Doctor of art history Tatiana I. Naumenko.    

Now Semion Shmelkov is a Docent of Russian Academy Gnesin of music.

Semion Shmelkov is the laureate of the following international contests: "Arrasate Hiria" (Spain); International Accordion Competition Klingenthal (Germany); "Citta di Castelfidardo" (Italy); III International Accordion Competition Tianjin (China), “Accoholiday” (Ukraine); “Cup of Friedrich Lips”, V International  Competition of Bayan & Accordion Players in Moscow, I international music competition "Petro-Pavlovsky assemblies" (Saint Petersburg) and Grand Prix of  "North Cup VI"( Russia).

Semion played concerts in USA, Austria, Germany, China, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Denmark, Montenegro and the cities and towns of Russia.